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Car Driving TyresTyres are crucial to your car’s safety and performance when embarking on a long journey, in order to avoid any potential problems there are a series of checks that drivers can carry out to ensure maximum efficiency and minimise the risk of blow-outs or a loss of grip.

1. Air Pressures
Check your tyre pressures against those recommended in your vehicle handbook taking into account any increase in additional weight for luggage etc. – Please note for accuracy this is best carried out when tyres are cold.

2. Tread Depth
The legal limit must measure at least 1.6 mm across the central three-quarters of the tread going the whole way around the tyre. Most modern tyres have a tread bar located at intervals around the tyre set at 1.6 mm

3. Tyre Condition
Carrying out a visual check of your tyres for damage such as bulges, nicks and road debris is essential to your vehicles performance, in addition uneven or excessive tyre wear could mean there’s a fault with the tyres, brakes, steering, suspension, wheel alignment or wheel balance.
If you’re unsure what is deemed dangerous condition then ask your local tyre specialist to carry out a check as the penalty for being caught using illegal or dangerous tyres could be a fine of up to £2500, driving disqualification or points on your license.