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3 Year Guarantee on all Batteries

Batteries are the most common single cause for non-starting vehicles, especially in colder weather. Batteries are less efficient the colder they get, so the start of cold weather usually shows up any inefficiencies with the battery.

Other common faults:

Most batteries these days are sealed ‘maintenance free’ batteries. However, if your battery has removable covers then you can inspect the level of the electrolyte fluid inside the cells.

This is really up to a trained mechanic to diagnose and cure but you can test this yourself with the correct equipment.

When purchasing a battery the most important consideration is the amp/hour ratings of the new unit and not necessarily to replace with the exact same battery model, type etc. as the current unit.

Tyres Direct UK’s battery professionals use specialist battery checking equipment in our garages to ensure your battery is of good working condition.

We keep an extensive range of Red Power battery sizes in stock and can obtain any non-stock batteries within 48 hours. Red Power batteries are maintenance free, OE certified and have a 3 year guarantee.

Our batteries come fully charged and ready for fitting by our experts. All quotations are inclusive of VAT and fitting so you know the total cost upfront.

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Red Power - Long Life Calcium Technology

Always used. Polite and good service.

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Really delighted with the service I received.

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All employees very helpful, more than satisfied with work done.


Very good service, always happy to use this garage.

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Straight in, cheaper than expected, done quickly.

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Polite and helpful, no problems.

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Great guys at Yate. Really helpful & accommodating and very knowledgeable staff.

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