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The good news is that about half of all flat tyres caused by a puncture can be repaired safely and cheaply without the need for a replacement tyre.

The most important thing that you can do to help the chances of your puncture being repairable is not to drive on it when it is flat – driving for even a few hundred metres on a flat tyre can damage it and make it un-repairable.

So as soon as you notice it is flat, put the spare wheel on and call into your nearest Tyres Direct UK branch where we will either repair the puncture, or fit a new tyre.

All puncture repairs carried out by Tyres Direct UK include a replacement valve and the re-balancing of the wheel affected (chargeable).

All puncture repairs carried out by Tyres Direct UK are in compliance with the British Standard (BSAU159).

This standard covers many aspects of the repair, the main considerations to whether a tyre can be repaired are:


  • The tyre has been punctured by something small such as a nail or a screw, and not something large like a piece of broken glass or substantial kerb damage.
  • The puncture is located in the central area of the tread, and not near the edges or sidewall.
  • The tyre has not been driven on when flat as this causes the sidewalls of the tyre to be weakened making a repair unsafe.

Tyres Direct UK – Puncture Repair Bristol

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Puncture Repair Bristol

Puncture Repair Bristol | Tyres Direct UK

Good quality tyres good prices

James King

Always 1st class service

Andrew Mclean

Excellent value for money pleased with my new tyres staff great polite


Very good service would highly recommend

Matt Miller

Excellent service staff brilliant


Good tyres .

teena andrews

Honest and well priced


Good local business I always get my m o t here

debra fuge

Used for the first time yesterday; new 205/45/R17’s & tracking on the front of a Mini Cooper S.

Great price and the drive is soooo much better than it was. Thanks.

David Webber

Convenient and good service

Barry Cherokoff

Always excellent service and good value for money.
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Trevor Davies

Needed 4 new tyres for my trailer, these guys were outstanding in every way, right from the first phone call very helpful, polite and friendly – not like some of the other garages I’ve had experience with as a young woman. Great price, super quick and professional. Will definitely use again. Thanks!

Lizzie Royce

Great service and staff friendly

John Goodwin

I’ve been here a couple of times and always had good service and good prices. And I will use them again.

Stephen Green

Really good service from the young chaps on duty. Listened to my request, two tyres on the front, asked to replace rears and accepted my refusal no problem. On closer inspection it was clear I needed four tyres, no question. The guys were really honest about it, and that’s really what you need. Yes the bill hurt, but at least I have new tyres for the winter months.

Richard Cuthbert

Very friendly, fast and efficient. Excellent service all round for a tyre repair at very short notice and a very reasonable charge. What’s more, the guy who did the job talked me through the process as he went along, so I learnt a few things as well!


Pretty quick service as always


Polite and friendly staff. Knowledgeable. I had a bulging tyre and had it done quite fast on a Sunday. Thanks ever so much guys( Josh and company).

Romel Bumagat

Excellent service – I had a nail in my tyre I was in a rush as always – the puncture could not be repaired Nd I had to have a new tyre – This was done in a quick time a choice of tyres were offered – excellent 10/10

rich burnham

All good. No fuss. Fitted new tyres while I waited. Thank you.

Andrew Newman