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The good news is that about half of all flat tyres caused by a puncture can be repaired safely and cheaply without the need for a replacement tyre.

The most important thing that you can do to help the chances of your puncture being repairable is not to drive on it when it is flat – driving for even a few hundred metres on a flat tyre can damage it and make it un-repairable.

So as soon as you notice it is flat, put the spare wheel on and call into your nearest Tyres Direct UK branch where we will either repair the puncture, or fit a new tyre.

All puncture repairs carried out by Tyres Direct UK include a replacement valve and the re-balancing of the wheel affected (chargeable).

All puncture repairs carried out by Tyres Direct UK are in compliance with the British Standard (BSAU159).

This standard covers many aspects of the repair, the main considerations to whether a tyre can be repaired are:


  • The tyre has been punctured by something small such as a nail or a screw, and not something large like a piece of broken glass or substantial kerb damage.
  • The puncture is located in the central area of the tread, and not near the edges or sidewall.
  • The tyre has not been driven on when flat as this causes the sidewalls of the tyre to be weakened making a repair unsafe.

Tyres Direct UK – Puncture Repair Bristol

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Puncture Repair Bristol

Puncture Repair Bristol | Tyres Direct UK

Thought I would send you an email to express how grateful I am for the help I received from your Clevedon branch yesterday – I was short on time & needed a puncture repair, they managed to fit me in straight away & were quick and concise (..) Brilliant service, thank you.


Thank you very much for the brilliant service I received from your Patchway branch last weekend. I popped in to have a puncture repair, this was carried out swiftly & the staff very helpful – thanks again


Quick and easy puncture repair.

Staff were very friendly as always…


Just thought I would email you to say thanks for the great service provided at the Patchway branch.

It was a puncture repair, fast, polite and a fair price.