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It’s easy to take your tyres for granted. Out of sight for much of the time, they can also slip out of mind.

Your tyres are the sole point of contact between your car and the road surface so it’s essential they’re checked on a regular basis, at least once a fortnight.

Checking your tyres:

Ensuring your tyres have sufficient tread depth will reduce the risk of your vehicle hydroplaning or skidding.

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure is also important as air pressure can alter with changes in temperature.

Checks should also be carried out for obvious signs of damage to the sidewalls or tread such as tears, cracks or bulges and that the valves and valve caps are in good condition, a damaged tyre can lead to the tyre having a blow-out.

The legal limit for tyre tread depth is 1.6 mm across the central ¾ of the tread around the tyres complete circumference. Driving on a tyre worn beyond the legal minimum limit can result in 3 points on your diving licence and a £2,500 fine – per tyre.


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Did you know?

Did you know that you are not insured when driving on illegal tyres?

Worn tyres significantly impede the performance of your car. Do not forget that a worn tyre reduces the effectiveness of braking, steering, and acceleration, all of which are vital in staying safe on the road.

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The boys at this garage really looked after us today going above and beyond to make sure our car was safe to drive home to Worcester after a burst tyre on motorway .
Would definitely recommend Alfie and Jordan and staff thank you 🙏🏻

Jayne Riley

Went to Tyres Direct in Avonmouth with what I thought was a tyre puncture – was dealt with straight away and one of the mechanics took the wheel off to have a look. No puncture was found so the mechanic took the tyre off the wheel, cleaned the wheel up and applied sealant to make the tyre a better fit

Took about 15 minutes and I wasn’t charged a penny, would definately go back again

Nick Jackson

Came here to switch a wheel which had been curbed. I was seen to immediately, and was out within 15 minutes. Efficient and straight forward, and all staff are friendly.


Very good service

Karl Havens

Great service provided, took the car for its MOT. Staff very helpful and courteous. Would recommend.

Rachel Marsh

Good price, I’ve used them twice in the last couple of weeks. Very professional.


Excellent. Helpful polite staff with well priced stock.

All the other tyre/exhaust centres I have been Into always seem to find something wrong. Not here, on occasions I have taken my car in to have it checked to be told there isn’t any issues.

Long standing happy customer, highly recommended.

Dave Rogers

Quick and easy job. Needed 2 tyre valves replacing. No messing or waiting around.


Very friendly, fast and efficient. Excellent service all round for a tyre repair at very short notice and a very reasonable charge. What’s more, the guy who did the job talked me through the process as he went along, so I learnt a few things as well!


Had a tyre which kept loosing pressure, was going to have it repaired, thought it might be the valve but after taking it off the wheel they found a piece of wire going straight through, so opted for a new tyre. About one if the only tyre centres open for business, cheaper than some too!!!

Sue Sollars

Had a flat tyre and was due for an important meeting in Bristol. Although they were very busy they fitted me in and I made my meeting on time. Jack was very helpful and extremely professional. A huge thank you to the Clevedon branch. Merry Christmas

Annie Bowman

I’ve been here a couple of times and always had good service and good prices. And I will use them again.

Stephen Green

Prompt service, car was ready when they said it would be.

Anne Nicklen

Good service, nice people and even mot guy put seat covers on and if U look after Your car that matters. 5/5 for that garage.


Good service

tim comer

I went in with no appointment and in a right panic. They took a look at my car, sorted it out. Very friendly and helpful

Julie McGlahan

Used for the first time yesterday; new 205/45/R17’s & tracking on the front of a Mini Cooper S.

Great price and the drive is soooo much better than it was. Thanks.

David Webber

Always 1st class service

Andrew Mclean

Immediate and no fuss at reasonable prices

iSourceArts - Genuinely Personal Service

The guys are very gentle.

Cristi Guran